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By Alice Hutchins There are names in history that every person should recognise. These are the names of inspiration, the people who have excelled in their disciplines and set precedents in their goals for which we should all strive. The lessons these people teach ring with truths in every person’s life, truths about struggle and […]

The Book Thief

By Alice Hutchins As you click on the usual GSAN blog and sit down to read it, you realize that something is out of the ordinary. This is a page full of words that don’t fit your Great Expectations, of an academic piece on an academic page. You might be in a Room that is filled with sunlight, […]

Neli Demireva and Wouter Zwysen This research has been undertaken as part of the GEMM project, Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets: The paper presents results on the employment outcomes and types of jobs migrants, ethnic minorities and white British majority members do. The type of jobs people have access to – beyond earnings […]

By Simon Lambert Ko Panekire te maunga: Panekire is the mountain Ko Waikaremoana te roto: Waikaremoana is the lake When we, as Māori (the Indigenous People of Aotearoa New Zealand), introduce ourselves, we locate ourselves in the land and the waters. These are genealogical as well as geographic links, with landscapes and ecosystems personified as […]

By Dhanushka Thamarapani Over the past decades, natural disasters have become more prevalent and destructive in terms of magnitudes, damage, and economic loss. Indonesia – the focus of my research – is located on a an actively moving tectonic plate making it vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity. As a result, in a span […]

Written by Anna Di Ronco People in Puglia, a region in the south of Italy, are protesting against the building of the so-called TAP pipeline, which aims at bringing gas from Azerbaijan to Europe through Italy. They have expressed their dissent and concerns through protests, discussion meetings, buskers’ performances and concerts—all organised mostly in San […]

APCG Colloquium

By Alice Hutchins The African Politics Conference Group (APCG) are hosting an online Colloquium which enables academics from the Global South, or researchers who study in the field of African Politics, to present papers-in-progress. This will create a vital opportunity for young scholars to receive feedback from, and work alongside leading academics in their fields […]

By Alice Hutchins During 2019, a bid is taking place to secure a grant that will enable researchers to collaborate on a project which draws materials and resources from several nations across the globe. Advancing Resilience and Innovation for Sustainable Ecosystems (ARISE) is a leading group of researchers from across the UK, Europe, Kenya and […]

Bridging the gap

By Alice Hutchins There has long been a divide in the development and opportunities between the North and the Global South. For more information on the global south, please click here. Across the years it has become evident that major breakthroughs in research and science, power in politics, a wealth of economic stability and influential […]

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