Yijyun Lin

Academic Discipline:

Political Science, Public Policy

About me:

My research was inspired by the wide concern about the security implications of climate change. I especially pay attention to the mechanism under which climate variability might exacerbate different types of intrastate conflicts, including non-violent and violent conflicts. In addition, I am also interested in how information-driven coordinating collective phenomena unfold with security threats in place. Specifically, I will focus on the signal processing between political elites and mass public to identify the relationship between information signal processing and the diffusion of conflicts in space and time. Individuals do not form opinions, beliefs, and actions in an isolated environment but are exposed to social influence through social networks and physical, ideological, cultural, or emotional proximity to others.

Components of the GCRF I am interested in:

sustainable livelihoods supported by strong foundations for inclusive economic growth and innovation
resilience and action on short-term environmental shocks and long-term environmental change
understand and respond effectively to forced displacement and multiple refugee crises
reduce conflict and promote peace, justice and humanitarian action
reduce poverty and inequality, including gender inequalities.