Serena Masino

Academic Discipline:

Economics, Public Policy

About me:

I am a Lecturer in International Development and Economics at the University of Westminster. Before this, I held a post-doctoral research position at the University of Oxford’s Department for International Development, where I was involved in a EU FP7-funded project seeking to investigate the impact of Foreign Direct Investment on local development in Ghana. I have also worked as a research consultant for a number of organisations, including Oxford Policy Management, UNU-WIDER, the World Food Programme, and UNDP.

My research is divided into three strands: one examines the impact of FDI in low-income countries, with a specific field focus on Ghana; another one is broadly concerned with social policy in low-income countries; with a more recent focus on health policy and health systems reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; finally, the last strand develops the work on instability and development, which Istarted as part of my doctoral research a few years ago.

I am interested in the following geographical area(s):

Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa
Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Southern Europe, West Africa

Components of the GCRF I am interested in:

My most recent work seeks to investigate and address the inequality and sustainability challenges brought about by Foreign Direct Investment inflows in the Global South with a specific geographical focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Some of these challenges include working and living conditions of the labour force, unionisation and labour agency, potential for social and economic upgrading, potential for knowledge and technology spillover, and the policy debate regarding foreign-local production partnerships.