Kristian Skrede Gleditsch

Academic Discipline:

Political Science

Interests Keywords:

conflict, data, governance, statistics, violence

About me:

My research interests include conflict and cooperation, democratization, and research methods, including data development and data analysis. For more information, see my personal webpage

I am interested in the following geographical area(s):

Europe, Western Hemisphere
Andean States, Central America, Mexico, Northern Europe, Southern Cone

Components of the GCRF I am interested in:

My research is particularly relevant to the following GCRF components:

Sustainable Economies and Societies
* resilience and action on short-term environmental shocks and long-term environmental change

Human Rights, Good Governance and Social Justice
* understand and respond effectively to forced displacement and multiple refugee crises
* reduce conflict and promote peace, justice and humanitarian action
* reduce poverty and inequality, including gender inequalities.